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The Creature Walks Among Us (1956)



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"This is a two-way mirror. We can see him, but he can't see us."

Where I come from, that's a one-way mirror, but never mind. The Creature Walks Among Us is the third and final installment in the Creature trilogy, which didn't quite take Universal back to its roots in classic horror but was a good try nonetheless. Creature From the Black Lagoon was actually pretty good, Revenge of the Creature not so much, and this film somewhere in the middle. It must be given credit for trying something new, instead of merely bringing the monster back to terrorize a new crop of victims: a mad scientist discovers a way to turn him a little bit more human by removing his gills and activating his present but dormant lungs. It isn't exactly a philosophical exploration of what makes us human and why human sympathies work the way they do, but the film leans enough in that direction to keep the cheesy romping around interesting. There is also a spooky sequence on a boat that works surprisingly well. Still, I wouldn't recommend this except to fans of 1950s monster movies.

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