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The Brady Bunch Movie (1995)



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It's intriguing what the 1995 feature film The Brady Bunch Movie did with the show. Part of it is a legitimate reworking of the original television show. The other, larger part of it pokes fun at it. The movie takes place in the nineties, but the Bradys still live in the sanitized world of television in the seventies. The failed sitcom Hi, Honey, I'm Home! also explored the premise of a sitcom family in a modern world, but this movie fares much better.

Because of its self-parody, the movie should find an audience even with those who were never fans of the original show. Because of the creativity with which it explores its premise, it's very funny. One annoying flaw, however, is that the "outside" world, however modern, still seems to function in a sitcom manner. The sitcom-style subplots the various Brady children engage in are of course necessary, but I didn't see the need for Michael McKean's sitcom-style comic villain. But that criticism can only be taken so far -- I laughed often, appreciating the movie's everpresent sense of humor, and that's enough for a light comedy to satisfy.

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