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That's Entertainment! III (1994)



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The greatness of this third That's Entertainment! film shows just how inexhaustible MGM's film vaults are. The song and dance numbers featured here are every bit as dazzling as those in That's Entertainment, Part II. In fact, this entry is even a little better due to the amount of footage that had originally been cut from the various films they were shot for. Much of this film is genuine gold for movie and musical buffs.

You'll see, for example, a number Judy Garland filmed for Annie Get Your Gun before she was replaced with Betty Hutton. You'll hear Lena Horne singing for Show Boat and get to see the opening number of The Barkleys of Broadway without the credits that obscure it in the film itself.

The voice-overs are my only complaint. The narrators are, like prior That's Entertainment! anthologies, various surviving stars of the musical era, and their material is welcome -- but not when it's spoken over the first few seconds of each showcased number.

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