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Psycho (1960)



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Hitchcock's legendary horror film is unfortunately a lot less potent if you know the secret of Norman Bates. Nevertheless, it is a masterpiece for both the director and the genre and has spawned almost as much discussion among critics and viewers alike as greats such as Casablanca. The infamous shower murder is an example of some of the greatest editing cinema has seen, Bernard Herrmann's chilling score is every bit as good, and the usual subtle Hitchcockian touches work especially well. During the film's initial release, Hitchcock made sure that all the theaters received strict instructions not to let anyone in after the film started rolling. In fact, that was even a part of the advertising campaign, which said that if you don't see it from the beginning, you won't see it at all. Avoid the trashy sequels; watch the original and marvel at Hitchcock's artistry.

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