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Point of No Return (1993)

(aka: The Assassin)



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Remaking the French film La Femme Nikita was a good idea. It had an intriguing premise and an engrossing but flawed plot -- perfect fodder for remakes. Unfortunately, Point of No Return does more damage than good. It does fix up the final act without Hollywoodizing it (a very noteworthy feat), and it adds a little polish to some of the pivotal scenes. However, the character of Maggie's (Nikita's) boyfriend is made more aggressive and wholly unlikeable -- effectively sabotaging the counterpoint between Maggie's new found life and her rigidly cold albatross of a profession. In addition, the violence is overstated, making it gratuitous instead of plot-serving, as it was in the original. Along that same line, having an explosion of a bomb Maggie planted occur on screen negates the scene's purpose. Thus, while Point of No Return improves upon La Femme Nikita in some respects, the sum total is less.

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