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La Femme Nikita (1990)

(aka: Nikita)



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This French film has a rather clever premise: Nikita, a drug addict, is sentenced to death for shooting a policeman, but her death is faked by the government. She is whisked away to a secret underground training center where she is schooled to become both a lady and an assassin. The film is an interesting character study as well as a thriller. It's violent, but only as violent as Nikita sees it -- which greatly helps the audience relate to the emotions and trauma associated with her plight. This is an attempt at a thriller for thinking people, but this target audience will also be able to pick up on some minor plot and execution flaws. The ending, in addition, is not particularly satisfying or conclusive. Yet, it's an intriguing film and, all things considered, superior to its American remake.

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