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On Moonlight Bay (1951)



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On Moonlight Bay is one of Doris Day's most charming and funny musicals. Set during World War I, the film tells the story of the Winfields -- specifically, of Marjorie Winfield, a tomboyish girl more interested in baseball than any of the upstanding young breed of men her father would like to see her marry. That is, until she meets William Sherman (Gordon MacRae) by almost shooting him.

Day and MacRae provide the music and romance. The parents (Leon Ames and Rosemary De Camp) move the story along, getting the kids both into and out of trouble. And the little brother (Billy Gray) provides the bulk of the humor. Even funnier than the myriad ways he gets into trouble are the ways he gets out of it.

Pleasant, carefree, funny, and thoroughly enjoyable, On Moonlight Bay is a winner for lovers of light entertainment.

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