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Murder, She Said (1961)

(aka: Meet Miss Marple)



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In the early sixties, Margaret Rutherford made four Miss Marple films, loosely based on the Marple stories of famed mystery writer Agatha Christie. I stress the term "loosely." The Miss Marple of the books was a harmless little old lady with a sharp eye and a quick mind. Rutherford's character was commanding, conniving, and boisterous. Still, the four Rutherford films were great mysteries in the spirit of Christie's writing and should prove entertaining for mystery buffs. (And they have good theme music, too.) A recurring character in the series was Mr. Stringer, who was played by Stringer Davis, Rutherford's real-life husband.

This first entry in the series, Murder, She Said, the best by a hair, is based on the book, 4.50 From Paddington. In this adaptation, it's not a friend who witnesses a murder on a passing train but Marple herself.

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