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Highlander II: The Quickening (1991)

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Guest Reviewer: Dave Parker:

Never in my entire life have I seen a movie sequel do such an injustice to its predecessor. Christopher Lambert was signed on for two movies in the Highlander series, and he tried his best to break his contract after seeing the script for this entry. I can only assume the same can be said for Sean Connery, as I can't imagine why he'd have anything to do with this stinkeroo unless he was under an unbreakable contract.

This movie totally destroys the mythos of the immortals that was built in the first movie by retroactively changing the rules. Instead of immortals being born among the population of Earth at random for an unknown reason, they are instead refugees from an alien planet. They aren't immortal on their home planet, but when the get to Earth, something apparently makes them immortal. But it only works in twos, because once there is only one left, that one is mortal until another one shows up. Or something like that. The script writers had to use this tortured logic in order to reconcile the information we are given in the first film with their own bone headed ideas. It doesn't work. Even if you can get past this sticking point, the plot itself (having to do with a "shield" around the Earth) is so amazingly dumb it's not even funny. I've never met a single person who professes to like this movie--most Highlander fans disavow all knowledge of its existence in order to keep their sanity.

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