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Gamera Vs. Barugon (1966)

(aka: War of the Monsters)



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Second in the Gamera series, Gamera Vs. Barugon is an improvement on its predecessor. It's still a pretty bad movie, but any movie that can deliver the line, "The monster can destroy everything with its tongue," with a straight face must certainly have camp value.

The title is almost false advertising, though. Gamera is barely in the movie. Most of it is about Barugon, a monster born from -- wait for it -- radiation. The monster proceeds to destroy everything in its path with its deadly tongue and rainbow attacks. It's a little better than a lot of these monster movies because the human characters have a little definition and proactivity, as they use their heads to concoct various plans (dubious though some are) to stop the monster. There's a lot of destruction for monster movie junkies, but the movie crawls even so.

Note: Although I'm not sure this distinction is important, "Barugon" is not to be confused with "Baragon," a monster that appeared in Toho monster movies now and again.

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