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DragonHeart (1996)



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At last, fantasy buffs can take a break from watching their worn out video tapes of Ladyhawke and Willow and go see this film. It is rare that Hollywood turns out a fantasy film that is actually good, and this one is a beaut. The main attraction to this film, of course, is the Sean Connery-voiced CGI dragon, which is even more impressive than Jurassic Park's dinosaurs and gets far more screen time. The dragon is, its character thoroughly developed and instantly likeable. But the best part of DragonHeart is that the dragon doesn't singlehandedly hold the film up. The dragon is one of several characters intertwined in a slightly-cliched, forgettable, but entertaining plot about an evil king who shares a heart with the dragon. Humor is effectively mixed with the action. Dennis Quaid turns in a variable but adequate performance as the lead, whose chemistry with Connery's dragon is reason enough to see this film.