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Danny Kaye: A Legacy of Laughter (1996)



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Danny Kaye's comic style was unique. Few could rattle off a tongue twister as clearly or hilariously as he could. And his singing made many of the songs he sang, like those from Hans Christian Andersen and The Five Pennies. For sheer goofiness, Wonder Man and Knock On Wood reign, and The Secret Life of Walter Mitty continues to strike chords in the hearts of ordinary folks with extraordinary dreams. Like Chaplin, this documentary says, Kaye had the ability to make us laugh and cry at the same time. And even when he was just being loony, his lack of inhibitions was inspiring and comforting.

This documentary, Danny Kaye: A Legacy of Laughter chronicles Kaye's life, correctly focusing on his talent and career. It's a must-see for Kaye fans, and may make fans of those unfamiliar with his work.