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Wonder Man (1945)



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Wonder Man is the definitive showcase for Danny Kaye's comic genius. The Hamlet-like plot is nothing special -- Edwin Dingle's twin brother Buzzy Belew (Danny Kaye, in both roles) comes back from the dead as a ghost and asks that his murderers be captured. But Danny Kaye's performance includes some of the best examples of all of Kaye's trademarks (of particular note, his sneezing routine set to music) and non-stop hilarity.

"Potato salad!"

Along with Knock On Wood, this is a Kaye fan's prize, and the perfect choice for introducing newcomers to his work.

"Palp-ably inadequate, palp-ably inadequate."

Though they're nothing special today, it's interesting to note that Danny Kaye's ghostly incarnation won this film an Oscar for best special effects.