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Blade II (2002)



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An interestingly convoluted story makes this the rare sequel superior to its predecessor. But I still had the same problems with it. It's still, ultimately, pretty sick, and logical flaws abound. People searching for unseen enemies back around corners. Badguys attack the hero one at a time. Whatever is off-camera is out of sight, even if it's right in front of you. You can have your face swung around so hard, it takes a bite out of a concrete post but doesn't break the skin. And, of course, if it looks cooler for Blade to shoot behind him without looking, even when it would be just as easy for him to do so, well, the pose is the priority. Admittedly, he does look cool, except for periodic gravity-defying CGI stunts. But the consistent logical flaws remind the viewer that this is only a movie. They kept me from being absorbed in it, and the nastiness of it all kept me from wanting to.

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