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Beastmaster III: The Eye of Braxus (1996)



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The producers of the Beastmaster series need to sit down and decide what the heck kind of cat Rhu is. Second, they need to decide how many long lost brothers Dar has. Third, they need to decide what's going to happen to the two ferrets and stick with it. At the end of both the first two Beastmaster films, something happens to one or both of the ferrets. I won't spoil either by saying what these events are or whether they're good or bad, but suffice it to say the subsequent films pretend they never happened. At any rate, this third entry in the series falls grossly short of the first, but runs rings around the second. There's no unwelcome intrusions from the modern world, none of the performances physically hurt, and while the cheesy dialogue remains, it's not nearly as horrendous. The plot concerns an aged sorcerer's attempt to attain eternal power by finding and wielding a magic talisman of which the Beastmaster has half -- but he's got to keep himself alive long enough to do it, which means feeding on the souls of the local residents. Marc Singer's looking a little aged himself, but he's still got the charisma to carry the part. He's got several companions, this time around, including an acrobat whose only line, as far as I can tell, is "You know, we sure make a great team." There's several slow spots, a few stupid ones, and bad battle choreography; nevertheless, it captures the spirit of a good swords and sorcery film and should be enough to please fantasy buffs.

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