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Barbershop (2002)



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I could listen to the characters of Barbershop all day. They are the main attraction of the movie. Obligatory plot threads feel thrown in just to change the pace every once in a while. Maybe the studio, or even the writers themselves, felt they had to have a plot or two to justify the movie, but I don't think so. I did enjoy one, though, about the theft of an ATM and everything that goes wrong after the fact. But as I say, the primary attraction is listening to the barbers and regulars of a barber shop as they discuss and debate pretty much anything and everything imaginable. There is a lot of humor in the dialogue but very few jokes. The humor comes from likeable characters being themselves -- it's a rare kind of comedy, and wonderful when it works, as it does here. By the time the movie is over, we get the sense that we know them as well as they know each other and are glad for it.

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