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Along Came a Spider (2001)



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After watching Along Came a Spider, I read Roger Ebert's review of the film. I liked it more than he did, but I was amused by how accurately it nailed one thing. The final paragraph in his review reads, "But, man, are you gonna be talking when you come out of this movie! Saying things like 'but why...' and 'if she...' and 'wouldn't he...' and 'how come...' as you try to trace your way back through the twisted logic of the plot."

Sure enough, that's exactly what I was doing. My wife and I discussed the movie, trying to make sense of it. We came up with explanations but none that seemed truly compelling. Yet the movie does a good job of making things seem like they make sense at the time. It doesn't make Along Came a Spider an enduring movie, but it makes for a fun couple of hours. Questionable logic or not, the film has compelling performances and a few riveting action scenes that, refreshingly, involve more brain than brawn.

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