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By Samuel Stoddard

November 2000

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Tuesday, November 14, 2000

The following letter was sent to me last week. Since then, people have, I think, become rather sick of the pettiness with which the close race in Florida has been treated. The author of this letter may or may not still feel so excited; nonetheless, it seems a good time to print this as a reminder that there are valuable things we can come away from this with.

Thursday, November 9, 2000

About exciting elections:

Tuesday, November 7, 2000

I was not planning on writing about the U.S. Presidential Election. I have strong political views, and I went out and voted yesterday, but the process of politics, especially the campaigning part, is so tiring. But even though the campaigning gets me thoroughly sick of the whole deal prior to Election Day, I do frequently like Election Day itself. And yesterday was the most exciting race ever. Dave Parker said that it was easily the coolest election he's been alive for, narrowing edging out Reagan vs. Mondale in 1984, where, Dave says, "When I went to bed, me and Walter Mondale were tied." Bush and Gore traded places all evening, and the outcome is still undecided. It's down to a recount in Florida. On the first count, which included all but absentee ballots from overseas visitors, Bush was ahead by a mere 1000 to 2000 votes.

The color-coded maps of the United States, in which blue states go to Gore and red go to Bush, are pretty comical. It's apparent that there's something going on with "New" states. New Mexico is a lone blue island in a sea of red that swipes the southern half of the country from the East Coast to Arizona and up to Montana. And New Hampshire is a lone red island in a sea of blue extending from Maine to Pennsylvania. I'm so proud of my little state.

I gave up just shy of 2am EST, because it had been forever since a state was called, and it didn't look like Wisconsin, Iowa, Oregon, or Florida would be doing so any time soon. Dave, who lives in Colorado, had an extra two time zones to his favor. This morning, I received the following email, which I thought I might print for those of you who didn't stay up until the wee hours:

Monday, November 6, 2000

Cathryn M. follows up on the new I Think, thought #151, which condemns Pac-Man because it "glorifies cannibalism and aberrant spirituality by depicting the consumption of the undead." She writes:

I refer Cathryn's request for more thoughts to you all.

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