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Explanation of Purpose

While the majority of the feedback we get about Computer Stupidities is positive, semi-frequently we get email from people who are offended at the idea of a web site devoted to laughing at people just because they aren't proficient with technology. One email said, sarcastically, "I enjoyed your stories that make fun of and belittle people who haven't devoted their lives to mastering every aspect of the computer world."

This concern is, I believe, misapplied here. Computer Stupidities is not about making fun of people who are earnestly trying to learn about computers and technology. The stories about such people are not intended to be derogatory at all, though there are derogatory stories about people who have committed much greater offenses than mere ignorance.

The majority of the anecdotes on Computer Stupidities fall into one of four categories, which I will discuss individually below.

Most of the stories, though, fall into the first category of relatively innocent but humorous misunderstandings. Let's not take ourselves so seriously that we can't laugh at some of the steps we take on the road to enlightenment. Life is short.