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Newsgroups and Message Boards

As if mucking up email wasn't bad enough, newsgroups and message boards provide a way for people to send messages to computers across the world all too easily.

I recently got an irate piece of e-mail from someone arguing that the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guaranteed his right to post off-topic messages in newsgroups.

He was posting and mailing from Canada.

I'm a regular reader of What I hate is the people who post articles with the subject line, "Fencing."

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I am wondering how to get on a fencing newsgroup.

Posted to a newsgroup:

Everyone is talking about these 'newsreaders.' Can someone tell me what they are and where I can get one?

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please do not send anymore messages to me. I beleve these were sent to me by mistake.
I have had to delete over 3,000 messages.
thank you

My list server is one of those that you subscribe to by sending a message to some mail bot with the word "subscribe" in the body.

Occasionally (and I've been on other mailing lists that have seen this happen), a user will send a subscribe message, and whenever a message goes to the list, he/she/it will reply to it, saying, "STOP SPAMMING ME!!!! STOP SPAMMING ME!!! I DIDN'T ASK FOR ANY OF YOUR MAIL!!! STOP SENDING ME MAIL!!! I'M GOING TO SUE YOU!!!! YOU BETTER STOP SENDING ME YOUR ****ING WORTHLESS MAIL!!!! WHO ARE ALL YOU ****ING PEOPLE AND WHERE DID YOU GET MY ****ING ADDRESS?!!?!?!?!?!?!!????!!?!?!"

After letting the other subscribers flame him/her/it for a while, I unsubscribe it manually and do some Procmail magic to make sure it never subscribes again.

It's even funnier to see this happen on Usenet. I saw this one message from a user who apparently thought that a "newsgroup" was some private entity that existed only on his own computer. I don't remember the exact text, but it included the line, "Quit sending to my newsgroup!"

Posted to a newsgroup:

When I came to the NG, it showed that there were lots o unread mail. When I opened the group, it showed 4 items. Is it me? OR Is it AOL? Perhaps the entire internet, even. just curious!

Posted to craigslist:

i am selling a acer laptop like new great condition we just reboted everything so its like new again

Posted in, under the subject line "ultrasound and PC":

I am getting the image of ultrasound on the PC through
a TV Tuner card. Is there a soft ware or hardware with
which I can convert the grey scales to coloured ones.