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RinkWorks Quiz #1
Posted By: Sam, on host
Date: Tuesday, September 1, 1998, at 17:10:37

You guys are on your honor. You're not allowed to look at any page besides this one while taking
this quiz. You can't look at other people's answers. See how well you know RinkWorks by
posting your answers to the questions below. Again, be honest!

(1) What color is the lettering in the "Dialectizer" logo?

(2) What's the topic of the first "opinion" on the "I Think" page?

(3) On the At-A-Glance Film Reviews page, what is the lowest rating (of mine, not Dean's) that a film may receive?

(4) What's the first category of stupidities on the "Computer Stupidities" page?

(5) What author is represented the most (i.e., has the most books condensed) on the Book-A-Minute SF/F page, as of 9/1/98?

(6) What author is represented the most on the Book-A-Minute Bedtime page?

(7) What's the last genre page under "Films By Genre" on the At-A-Glance Film Reviews page?

(8) How many colors make up the Crazy Libs logo (as it appears on the main Crazy Libs page) ?

(9) What's the name of the fictional author of Slapdash City?

(10) As of 9/1/98, Brain Food offers Logi-Number puzzles in which grid sizes?

(11) How many questions are on the Filmmaker's Exam?

(12) Was this quiz the least bit fun, i.e., should I post more from time to time?

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