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Re: whoops
Posted By: Chris, on host
Date: Sunday, October 3, 1999, at 13:28:13
In Reply To: Re: whoops posted by unipeg on Sunday, October 3, 1999, at 10:07:05:

> and you also did a remarkably good job of getting it close to "Christ".... is Chris attempting to tell us something? slowly transforming her name from Chris to Christ.... isn't that something like what the Anti-Christ is supposed to do? agggh
> uni"been reading Left Behind"peg

I did realize that it was nearly Christ-- and if I hadn't messed up twice, it would have been.
; -)
And I don't *think* I'm the anti-Christ. Considering I just took two of our pets to the Blessing of the Animals service [it was cold and my cat peed on me when I tried to get him into the carrier], I don't think I'm a very good one. Or I'm infiltrating the church from the inside. I just know that if I am the anti-Christ, I'm in for one big surprise.

Chr"how well do you think you know me"is

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