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Re: a-HEM
Posted By: Chris, on host
Date: Saturday, September 25, 1999, at 16:37:31
In Reply To: Re: a-HEM posted by unipeg on Thursday, September 23, 1999, at 13:34:24:

> welcome, Chris!!!! yaaay!!! we love you chriiiis, oh yes we do, we love you chriiiis, and we'll be true, when you're not near us, we're blue, oh chriiiis we love you. okay, let me just say, to everyone who has gotten here after me: WELCOME!!! I DON'T KNOW WHAT WE'D DO WITHOUT YOU!!!
> uni"but extra-specially chris"peg

I... I don't think I quite know what to say. Thank you. I... snifff... oh, I'm sorry, i told my self I wouldn't do this, but... sob! Oh, sniff, thank you, thank you!

Chr"corrupted by flattery"is

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