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Re: WHA???
Posted By: Howard, on host
Date: Thursday, September 23, 1999, at 06:34:07
In Reply To: WHA??? posted by Dracimas on Wednesday, September 22, 1999, at 21:44:47:

> > Intersetingly, the dialectics (Hegel, Barth, Brunner and suchlike) would agree with you - the synthesis of opposite ideas (thesis and antithesis) forms a new, true idea (that, of course, has to be sythesized with its antithesis and so on ad infinatum). Therefore, everything is true, and so is its opposite.
> Ok, now ya dun went plum over this here poor ol' Okies head. First off, I ain't never dialed no one named Ectics and I don't go for none of that sythesized music. I do got some good advice for gettin' those ants out of that there Thesis thang if'n ya wanna talk about that. As for the rest of that stuff. I just dunno.
> Drac "I was just tryin' to say sumpmm stupid" imas

Way to go, Dracimas! Finally there's somebody on RinkWorks that speaks my language.
Howard (in Tennessee)

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