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Re: RinkWorks Contest #2
Posted By: Jommeke, on host
Date: Tuesday, September 21, 1999, at 23:40:33
In Reply To: Re: RinkWorks Contest #2 posted by famous on Tuesday, September 21, 1999, at 18:48:00:

> > > > > You're on...Ok, who wants to get hitched? Jommeke you are my first choice, since Sam mentioned you. But if you are unwilling (and mostly because you are in Belgium, while I'm in Ohio) then I'll accept anyone's proposal...That is, if it's good. Just think, we'll already have our first wedding present, a lovely bathtub mat from RinkWorks! How exciting! :)
> > > >

Well, (thats the prob with this time-delay, since i live in Europe), well, well....
This is not nice, lol, while i was asleep last night, someone was talking behind my back, real conspyrecies (spelling) were made up!

Jommeke... marriage ... me ... far ...Belgium...Ohio....not willing... take... anyone's proposal....

Dont you think that sounds kinda desperate? Lol, j/k
But wouldnt it be the ultimate romantic thing if someone from Belgium finds his girl on the other side of the ocean (and even farther than that)?
But, well, since it is already decided, and since you obviously dont show much signs of true loyal feelings, ... and since i am already happily in love (hehe), (not married yet however) i guess i'll have to buy my own bathmat :(

> > > > Well! I'm not your first choice, but you'll take me if nothing else works out? How desperate do you think I am? Besides, I'm still waiting on Chris' ring size...
> > >
> > > I knew someone would take it like that....I explained why Jommeke was my first choice, but you, Darian, are right up there on the top of the list...That is if Chris has to say no...she is a bit young, you know. (No offense Chris.)
> >
> > I'm at the top of your list but you can't spell my name correctly? -sigh- Famous, dear, I'm just not convinced that you're ready to make the kind of commitment that I'd need from you. I think you're just using me for the bathmat.
> Darien, I am sorry...I WAS using you for a bathmat, but now I am begging for your forgiveness. Please accept my humblest appologies.(and my spelling here if it's incorrect.)
> > > fam "give me a shovel and I'll keep diggin." ous
> >
> > Dar "You've already hit rock bottom, dear" ien
> fam "Someone please help me out..." ous

Oh no girl, you have to do it on yourself here.

By the way, the idea of such contest is pretty exciting (its a serious contest!), although, Sam, you shouldnt have mentionned it (maybe a secret contest would have been more appropriate), cos now there must be doubts about the true feelings of the contestors.
And it isnt quite a fair contest too, since some in this forum are already (happily) married and others are (happily) in love, so they dont have any chance. (unless they divorce and thats something i hope no one of you will have to do in your life)
Which makes me think about it. If i would introduce my girl here on this forum (i have to buy her an internet-connection of course, but hey! What the heck, a R.I.N.K.W.O.R.K.S.-bahtmat is worth the price!), and then i marry her, would that count too, Sam?
O, when shill we marry? No idea yet, we want to, but there's no money to do it :(. And, yes, you are all invited to come to the wedding.


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