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Re: RinkWorks Contest #2
Posted By: Dracimas, on host
Date: Tuesday, September 21, 1999, at 20:28:28
In Reply To: Re: RinkWorks Contest #2 posted by Darien on Tuesday, September 21, 1999, at 17:21:42:

> > Ok, ok, now wait. This is biased. I'm already married, and I want to win something too. What do I get if I get divorced first????? I mean, let's be fair here.
> I already offered you an official RinkWorks diaper. That's not enough? What is it with you people? Take, take, take...

Your right. I have a problem. I've been through counseling and discovered that it all started back when I was 4. I asked my mom for a pet. She said, "No!" I didn't understand it. I was crushed. Especially since all the other kids had pets. I mean, what could she possibly have had against me owning a Rhinosaurus? Cute, cuddly, clean, neat, eats little, smells good. The ideal pet. But NNNOOOO not MY mom! Sorry, guess I got a bit personal there. Thanx for setting me straight.