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Re: my CD playlist
Posted By: Sam, on host
Date: Friday, August 28, 1998, at 10:32:48
In Reply To: my CD playlist posted by Matt J. on Friday, August 28, 1998, at 06:52:53:

> Anyone else?

Celine Dion, "Power of Love"
Garth Brooks, "Greatest Hits" (or whatever his greatest hits album is called)
Amy Grant, "House of Love"
Amy Grant, "Behind the Eyes"
Soundtrack to the 3D action game "Shadow Warrior"

So my tastes are weird. Blah.

John Williams' "Spielberg Scores", the Jurassic
Park soundtrack, Alan Jackson, Firehouse's
acoustic album, and Time/Life's "Classical
Thunder" collection have gotten a lot of air
time recently, too.

Silly fun game: Look up "tape list" (*with* the
quotes) in Alta Vista. See how many hundreds of
results you get with titles like "John's tape
list" and "Amy's tape list" and so forth. This
was part of my inspiration for Slapdash City.

Link: Alta Vista search on

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