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Re: MR boots and shield comparison
Posted By: commie_bat, on host
Date: Tuesday, August 13, 2002, at 16:50:40
In Reply To: MR boots and shield comparison posted by knivetsil on Tuesday, August 13, 2002, at 11:03:33:

> I have a level 18, all-spell-knowing assassin with a natural speed of 5, but is equipped with light armor and boots of speed+1 to bring it up to 7, just enough to hit 3 monsters per turn. He also has 10 on all resistance. He is just beginning to explore level 8. Now I have a couple of questions concerning his equipment.
> The first is comparing the shield+2 to cooler shield. Shield+2 gives 5 AC and nothing else. I have this one equipped. Cooler shield gives 5 AC and +5 fire resistance, but takes away 1 speed, bringing my speed down to 6 if I were to equip it. Is the increase in fire resistance worth the decrease in speed?
> The second question is comparing Boots of Speed+1 and Boots of Agility+2. Speed +1 gives me 4 AC and 1 extra speed. I have this one equipped. Boots of Agility gives 5 AC and +4 agility. If I equip the agility boots, this will bring my speed down to 6, 5 if I also equip cooler shield. Is the increase in AC and agility worth the decrease in speed?
> Thanks for your help.

Whether you're willing to sacrifice Speed for either AC or other attributes really depends on how well you can manage with your other attributes as they are. It also becomes a matter of personal preference at some point.

I personally love Speed, and I'll give up almost anything else for a bit more. For some people, Agility is more important because they like to ambush their opponents and so forth. For others, Fire Resistance is quite handy, especially on the deeper levels.

Personally, I wouldn't worry too much aboot the defensive abilities of an Assassin who can heal himself. I'd take the Speed and kill the monsters 50% faster. My rationale is that dead monsters don't hit back. Also, Speed gives you more damage per monster per turn, so you're more likely to kill whatever you hit.

If your Assassin were in the back row, I wouldn't worry aboot AC at all, and max out on Fire and Cold Resistance, since that's all he'd see back there. Speed is also useless in the back row.

Anyway, that's my two cents. Good luck beating Murkon.


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