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Re: POA: Is it worth it?
Posted By: knivetsil, on host
Date: Tuesday, August 13, 2002, at 09:18:28
In Reply To: POA: Is it worth it? posted by mandichaos on Tuesday, August 13, 2002, at 08:59:27:

> After beating FQ, Brackly Hall, TOA, and GOA, I figured I might as well move on to POA. But after reading all the hair-pulling posts, I'm not entirely sure I should.
> Here's the problem - I've got tendonitis (well, that's not quite it, but it's close enough) in my left and right forearms, and I've had to cut down on my computer time. I actually had a lot more trouble with TOA than I did with GOA (don't ask, I missed a blatantly obvious clue), and it really caused my problems to flare up. The other three didn't, but I beat them with less trouble.
> Now despite my difficulties, the four I've played were worth it because they were hard enough to challenge me but not so hard that I went totally insane. Looking at POA, though, I get the feeling that the sheer size of the game alone is a reason to steer clear of it. I lost track of time completely on TOA and got seriously behind on some personal projects as a result.
> So, to those who've played it: Is it worth it? Does it clear up anything in TOA? Or should I just lay off, wait til my hand problems clear up (which will probably be, oh, in 2004 at this rate), and do something else?
> I'm probably going to do the smart think and leave it be, but I was just wondering.

I think you should be the judge. But I will say that there is a new game on the way, codenamed SOAT, that is 5 times a big and hard as POA and TOA combined. It will probably be out by the time your hand gets better, if Sam keeps his word. As for POA, it is, at least in my opinion, very hard. I've spent as much time on it as I have on GOA, which I have finished, and I doubt I'm even halfway done with POA.

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