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Posted By: lizzie1031, on host
Date: Saturday, August 10, 2002, at 06:27:06
In Reply To: Re: GOA HELP posted by macrinus7 on Friday, August 9, 2002, at 14:56:42:

> > once again i am stuck.....ok i got the crate from the litter weirdo, took it to my home and used it on that one shack, but i cant find a gosh darn thing in the shack, other than a shelf. please help me, did i go to the wrong place with the crate? i dont know of any other and ive been wandering around looking
> You do need the crate somewhere around there, and in a few other places as well (hope it's not anything heavy, as you will be carrying it around for a while). Judging from your post, you got into the shack already, so the best thing to do would be to leave the place be until you have something you can use on the shelf -- you might find the crate a good thing to have at that time. . . .

ok i am still lost, i cant find anywhere else to use it and ive been everywhere, it never gives me the chance to use it
> mac "crates and other transported goods" rinus7

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