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Re: Vitality in Murkon's revenge: really all its cracked up to be?
Posted By: Sam, on host
Date: Friday, August 9, 2002, at 14:27:56
In Reply To: Vitality in Murkon's revenge: really all its cracked up to be? posted by Hoopy Frood on Friday, August 9, 2002, at 10:16:36:

> However, upon leveling up from level 1 to 2, he gained only 1 hit point.
> 1 friggin hitpoint!? With a 30 vitality!!?? The sorcerors got more than that, and their vitality sucks.
> Methinks the hit point algorithm is a little off.

Not at all. Here's the way the HP algorithm works. When you gain a level, first the game figures out the maximum number of hit points you're allowed to have. This is a function of your current level, your class, and your vitality. The higher your vitality, the higher this maximum number.

But...what you actually GAIN is a random number between 1 and this maximum. The good news is that even if you gain 1 hit point each of five more levels, your maximum allowed hit points continues to increase at the proper rate, behind the scenes. That means that in one single level, you could recover ALL the lost ground in one shot. When a knight with a high vitality gains piddly amounts of hit points for two or three or four levels in a row, that means the potential HP gains on the *next* level could be upwards of, say, 100 hit points.

So the way the algorithm works, there is a lot of room for disproportionate HP in the short term, but it all evens out in the long term, as it will eventually self-correct.

Spell point gains work the same way.

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