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Re: MR-announcement of stupidity
Posted By: gremlinn, on host
Date: Wednesday, August 7, 2002, at 14:17:21
In Reply To: MR-announcement of stupidity posted by knivetsil on Wednesday, August 7, 2002, at 11:49:22:

> All those who would like to hear about the dumbest thing anyone has ever done on MR, read on:
> I had my party up to like level 16 or something, and had just gotten the bronze key, so I went off to search for what I might use it for. Before I knew it, I was at Teralt! Pretty cool, I thought, but my party was pretty badly injured, and the prices were awfully expensive. So, I went back into the labyrinth and cast the HOME spell, thinking it would take me to Kaliti. WRONG!! It just put me right back in Teralt, with 12 fewer spell points. And you see, I KNEW that HOME would take me to the last town I visited, but no... Anyways, I had to try to make it back to Kaliti on foot, and as you might expect, my party died, and got sent to Teralt. TERALT!!!!! If you've been to Teralt you know how mind-bogglingly high the clinic prices are there. One look at the prices, and I figured I was in pretty big trouble. Figuring I didn't have enough money to resurrect anyone, I decided to jump back to Perinn and create another party to rescue my old one. However, I hadn't gotten to level 2 until I "realized" that the proper authorization, the pass gem, and all the keys necessary for my new party to get to Teralt, were in posession of my dead party. And so, I deleted my new party, not bothering to wonder if I couldn't get the keys a second time, or if my dead party could simply toss the keys for my new party to pick up. At this point, I discovered that if I sold some of my items and pooled my gold, my sorceress could be resurrected, and I figured that she could teleport until she reached the stairs, and then teleport some more until she reached the elevator. But noooooo, she had to teleport to the no-teleport zone on the first try! It wasn't long before a group of monsters came along and reunited her with her friends back at Teralt. Then, I discovered that while I was deleting my new party, I had deleted my best assassin of my dead one! With a five-character roster, most of my good items gone, all of my characters dead in Teralt, and little more than 1K gold, you can imagine how ticked off I was. In a fit of rage, I deleted all the characters I had in my roster. As you can probably guess, it will be a while before I play MR again.

What you might have tried, after you got to the point where needed to start over, was start a 1-character game from the beginning. I found that it was actually quicker playing through the game with one character than will a full six-character party, which was quite unexpected. It took four days to play the first time, with a standard six characters, but only two and a half days to play through the game with one character (though, granted, I saved some time not having to draw maps and such).

By the time you got a single character down to Teralt to rescue your dead characters, he'd probably be a fine addition to the old party. If you had gone ahead with your (I'll assume six) character party, chances are they'd be comparable in skill to your previous party.

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