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Analog clocks
Posted By: Silvercup, on host
Date: Thursday, October 4, 2001, at 18:29:36
In Reply To: Re: all of the above posted by Don the Monkeyman on Tuesday, October 2, 2001, at 08:01:25:

> I know the feeling. I had a hard time picking my answer, because I use a number of those almost equally. I almost would have been curious to see the vehicle display split into analog and digital--my dad's old Pontiac Parisienne had an analog clock on the dahsboard, and I wonder how many people still have (and use frequently) a clock like that...
> Don "Howard should start a feature called 'I Wonder'. I would read it..." Monkey

Many "luxury" cars use analog clocks on the dashboard instead of digital. My dad's Infiniti has one placed above the temperature controls.

Sil"just giving information"vercup

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