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Re: Bye....42000+ posts later
Posted By: Kaz!, on host
Date: Tuesday, October 2, 2001, at 22:11:45
In Reply To: Hi! posted by Samuel Stoddard on Wednesday, August 19, 1998, at 11:58:26:

> Welcome to our new message forum!
> Hopefully I've worked all the kinks out of
> this thing. If you notice anything acting
> weird, drop me a note by clicking on my
> name, above.
> Have fun!

It kind of seems like the end of an era with the archival of this incredibly huge forum. I first came here a long, long time ago and made my first post on June 16, 1999 at 21:51:36. That was over two years and over 38000 posts This is the only forum that I've ever found to have such a consistantly high level of thought, where we respect one another on this forum and where we can talk about anything from the silly to the dead serious. And though I must give credit to Sam for the amazing amount of moderation he does on this forum (I'm sure we all remember a time or two when he went away for a while), I must also give credit to everyone who has contributed their thoughts to this forum and made it so great. Who, together, gave it a sense of community... even a sense of family. Many of us have made good friends here, even before RinkChat opened. And although we won't be able to contribute to this forum again in the near future, I'm sure that we'll all remember many of the discussions on this forum...many of which will probably be discussed anew (is there *anything* that we haven't talked about here?).

May the new forum be as good as this one has been throughout the years and never lose the thoughtfulness and quality that the participants bring -- a thoughtfulness and quality that I've never seen on any other forums. Let us never lose that.


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