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Posted By: wintermute, on host
Date: Tuesday, October 2, 2001, at 02:19:02

Last night I discovered something that I didn't think I would ever find - A "reality" TV show that is actually worth watching.

"Lost" involves 6 people being flown off in a jet with blacked out windows and dropped somewere with $200 USD, 3 days food and water, and a survival kit. They then split up into 3 teams of 2 (plus a cameraman who has equally little idea where they are), and whoever gets back to London first wins. The prize money is positively stingy by the standards of Survivor (a mere 5,000), but the basic idea seems like great fun to me. I'd love to be a contestant.

They had special diplomatic permission to get these people through customs without knowing what country they were in.

Given that they were dropped off on a Russian island in the White Sea, so remote it was last used as a prison camp, It could well get interesting.

Given that there is no politics, or sucking up to the audience involved it looks as if this could be an excellent program.

winter"It's a lot more interesting than Survivor"mute

Link: Lost!

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