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Much ado about something.
Posted By: Howard, on host
Date: Monday, October 1, 2001, at 17:11:38

I'm home. I got back Saturday Night and have been really busy. I have unloaded the truck and trailer and carefully carried the trophies into the house. I got two first places at the scooter meet. My Eagle won 1st place in the "Unrestored Cushman" class and my 1953 Allstate won 1st in the "Early Step-thru Cushman" class. I also took the Vespa just so I would have something to ride while the other two were on display. The Allstate, which has been restored to look even better that it did when Cushman made it for Sears, got much attention and plenty of favorable comments. As usual, several people tried to buy the 1963 Eagle, because those are hard to find these days.
The weather in the North Georgia mountains was good. It was foggy and cold early in the day, but by about 9 or 10 am, it was warm enough to ride a scooter.
I'll post a reminder when I get the pictures on my website. I'll try to get that done tomorrow, but Wednesday is a better bet. If you have never been to a vintage scooter meet (or a vintage car, truck, or tractor meet) you are missing a really fun thing. (It's a great treatment for depression. Not that I'm ever really depressed, but if I ever am, I know how to fix it.)

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