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Re: Date formats
Posted By: Don the Monkeyman, on host
Date: Monday, October 1, 2001, at 10:37:53
In Reply To: Re: Date formats posted by Dave on Monday, October 1, 2001, at 10:34:17:

> "The Fourth of July" is pretty much an exception. It's known that way because it's a national holiday. I can't think of any other day that Americans routinely put the day first then the month.
> I wasn't born on 28th September, I was born on September 28th. I find it weird to say it the other way.
> Does anybody know WHY we're different on this? Is this another stupid metric vs. imperial thing or is there some reason why people in the US say "October First" and pretty much everyone else says "First October"?
> -- Dave

It isn't a metric vs. Imperial thing. In Canada, we do that the same way, and we are (mostly) all metric...

Don Monkey