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Re: Moving on
Posted By: Grishny, on host
Date: Thursday, September 27, 2001, at 07:02:39
In Reply To: Moving on posted by Matthew on Thursday, September 27, 2001, at 04:55:04:

> In conclusion, what am I trying to say? What
was the point of all this? I don't really know.
You can make of it what you will. Do I plan to
I said I wasn't considering it. Do I plan to hang
around in RinkChat, being idle all the time?
That's one thing I do not intend to do. I guess
my choices are either to leave or to make stuff
happen... and those that do know me will
probably be able to guess which of those I'm
more likely to do.
> Matthew

Matthew, I think I can identify with you. Like
you, I first discovered the community here
early last year when it was a lot smaller. I
joined up when the "core" group as you
described them were pretty much all that was
here. I don't know whether you consider me
part of that group or not; I certainly don't
consider myself to be one of them. After all,
most of the folks I think you're talking about
had been around discussing things on the
forum for almost two years prior to the
introduction of chat.

Back then, I spent a LOT of time here. Too
much time, really. But over the months, I found
a balance. I like discussing things here in the
forum and in the chat, but I won't sit idle in chat
and watch nothing happen either. Maybe you
can find a balance too...I hope it doesn't mean

One other thing: I was surprised to see the
way you divided RinkWorks regulars into
groups. The "core" group. The "new" group.
You know, as far as I know, Ellmyruh is newer
to RinkWorks than I am; the first time I
remember talking to her here was a couple
months after I showed up. And yet you referred
to her as part of the "core" group.

I don't like to group people that way. I don't
think we are clique-ish here. There are
certainly various levels of maturity and
conversation and discussion skills
represented, but we're all just regular people
with different ideas and world views who
come here to talk about stuff. Travholt and
Monkeyman are just as much a part of the
Group as Mousie and Ellmyruh, in my eyes. As
are you.

I have at times gone for weeks without
contributing anything on the forum or in chat.
But that's just because I have nothing to say. If
I don't have anything meaningful to say, I'll
usually just keep my mouth shut. I think we
may be alike in that way. But I keep reading
the forum, and I keep popping into chat and
back out again, just to see if there's anything
interesting going on. I hope you'll do the


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