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Re: 7th *Heaven*?
Posted By: Mousie, on host
Date: Tuesday, September 25, 2001, at 17:51:50
In Reply To: 7th *Heaven*? posted by Wes on Tuesday, September 25, 2001, at 14:58:10:

> I just watched half an episode of what I *think* is called 7th Heaven. Never in my life has anything on tv made me want to throw up and rip my eyes out as much as this show. Never watch it. Honestly. Don't even watch it so you can make fun of it. It's not even near worth it.
> Wes

I've watched it. I haven't been completely bored by a few of the episodes. But I have a lasting impression of the first episode, which really bothered me. One of the daughters was literally waiting outside the bathroom door for her... well, to start her... I mean, for the arrival of her very first menses. *Outside the bathroom door.* As if it might happen within a predictable amount of time. As if you'd spend that time, be it three weeks or three years, outside the bathroom. As if anyone really *wants* it to start anyway!

Call me nutty, but I was turned off to the show from that episode on.

Mou"and it's on my own network"sie