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Re: Well, here I am!
Posted By: Philbee, on host
Date: Tuesday, September 25, 2001, at 11:44:02
In Reply To: Well, here I am! posted by Liz on Tuesday, September 25, 2001, at 04:29:54:

> Hey there...long time no see...or read as the case may be. I am here at the University of East Anglia in Norwich to begin my BA in Art History and it is a little frightening. Not that I'm not enjoying it but it is a little daunting. This is just really a "Hey!! I'm here and back online" message and soon it will be a "Hey! Now I have an internet connection in my room" message so watch this space....
> Liz"Hey Philbee, how's it hangin'?"zie
> xxxx

Great! Now you're going to have an internet connection in your room, all you have to do is find a computer. A bit daunting, you say? Oh well. I've just started my A-Level courses (by the way, by this point I'm talking to the lot of you, not just Liz) and I am trying to understand maths. If any of the happy little people out there in Internet-land could think of anything that would help me plough through mountains of homework without resorting to grabbing someone and getting them to lend me their answers, that would be very much appreciated.

Phil-"And the English teachers make no sense..."-bee

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