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Re: US foreign policies
Posted By: Fuzzpilz, on host
Date: Tuesday, September 25, 2001, at 05:29:12
In Reply To: Re: US foreign policies posted by wintermute on Tuesday, September 25, 2001, at 01:44:23:

> Hmmm... So if we take ETA as an example (fighting to make the Basque region of Spain a separate country), taking away their reason to fight would mean what? Nuking the territory they're fighting for?
The problem with those people might be the centralistic organization of Spain (AFAIK), but I'll need to get more information on this to respond properly.

> And, of course, we would only need to destroy America to take away bin Laden's reason.
Bin Laden isn't the only terrorist there is. He's merely the most important person in one of the most important terrorist organizations. He belongs to those people who take advantage of other people's anger (which is directed at the Western industrialized world, which in turn is seen as led by the US) and fanaticism. These people have, as Julian said, a reason to be angry. The reason is, quite simply, being poor. Bin Laden isn't poor, but he's (I suppose) seen as one of the "good" rich people who help out the poor people against the "bad" rich people. What is important here is education. People are *brought up* to hate the US because they're the world's economic leader, and because they support Israel. I support Israel, but not everything they do. Defending themselves with the weapons they get from the US would not be a problem (to me) at all, but what has been overlooked in what I've read of this thread so far is that they're not keeping to that. They're breaking international contracts by continuing to settle in Palestinian territory, which leads to the Palestinians hating them even more and attacking them (because they simply aren't brought up to be peaceful), which in turn leads to the Israelis hating the Palestinians even more, and that can be continued ad infinitum. Another thing is that Arafat's organization has less and less power left, and hasn't got virtually no power over the terrorists at all.

> These people are not interested in compromise, or settlement and (believe it or not) offering such a settlement is only taken as proof that terrorism works. Then they redouble their efforts.
You can't treat with terrorists. But you can take away their sources. Terrorists rarely come out of nothing, just because there happen to be a lot of evil people somewhere who like killing innocent human beings.
There is no justification for terrorism, but there are always reasons.

> I challenge you to name one terrorist organisation that has been successfully dealt with diplomatically, and has stopped committing acts of terrorism.
> winter"I can't think of any"mute

Fuzz"me neither"pilz

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