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Re: Uncertainty
Posted By: Randy, on host
Date: Monday, September 24, 2001, at 14:25:22
In Reply To: Re: Uncertainty posted by The Other Matthew on Monday, September 24, 2001, at 07:56:41:

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> > There's another phenomenon that is interesting and encouraging to see. Prayer is politically correct again. Nobody's crying separation of church and state (which I believe in to the point of freedom OF religion, but not freedom FROM religion) to stop God from appearing anywhere in the public eye.
> Wrong. I know of numerous cases just in my area where religion is still under attack. At one high school, the cheerleaders wanted to make a large banner for the Friday night football game that said "God Bless America" and the superintendent made them remove the word God. Superintendents and principals all over have forced kids to change signs from "God Bless America" to something along the lines of "Stand Up For America." Even at the elementary school right down the street from me, the music teacher wanted to teach the song "God Bless America" to her 4th grade music class (and probably the rest of her classes,) but the school principal said that she cannot. My father is going in today to my school's superintendent to complain, because my little brother was rather upset about that his teacher wasn't allowed to teach it to him.
> The Other "But what's nice is that I have heard of some schools reversing their decisions to ban the word "God" after much pressure from parents" Matthew

I think you missed the point. Sam was saying that it is his opinon that it is Freedom Of religion, which I agree with. Some high and mighty school administrators disagree. I started a Bible study club in high school, I know how running up against the ideals that some people in charrge have.

That being said, there is no reason that the kids in elementary school can't just take it upon themsleves to learn the song, or have the cheerleaders make up a sign for others to hold, so it wouldn't be "school-sponsered" or whatever.