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Posted By: Don the Monkeyman, on host
Date: Monday, September 24, 2001, at 10:54:07
In Reply To: Contest: WIN A COPY OF SINBAD!! posted by Stephen on Sunday, September 16, 2001, at 22:05:00:

Stephen and Mia

an epic poem by Monkeyman

Right from the start
We hoped that it could
Hit them both in the heart
As we knew that it should

Those of us who surrounded
These two perfect folks
Were completely confounded
By their blindness (no jokes)

We could see that they had
Always been meant to be
And we finally were glad
When they both came to see

Right from the first day
Of supreme dictat'ress
There was no other way
She'd not settle for less

Some were opposed
To this change of the pow'r
But their options were closed
By Stephen's firm glow'r

There was one day
When some infidels tried
To steer Mia away
But she could not be pried

They tried to show
That Stephen was evil
What they didn't know
Was that he is no weasel

Mia stood firm
Was not swayed by the lies
She never did turn
Though almost gave black eyes

Stephen is kind
A benevolent leader
And Mia would find
That he would not leave her

This next part is guessed
It may not be true
But just like I'm a pest
I'll tell it to you

Many tried to steal Stephen
Elly, Tess and Mousie
But he would not even
Give them happiest glee

No, he stayed devoted
To Mia most fair
Even as he promoted
Monkeyman, for his hair

That last stanza stunk
But I needed some rhymes
So pretend it did not flunk
And ignore the rhyme and rhythm of this one too

Now back to best parts
Of this epic work
The love and the hearts
Of these two without quirk

Well, maybe they do
Have some quirks now and then
But that's not to say you
Shouldn't love them again

Not that you've fallen
From loving at all
If you have I'll be callin'
You'll be against the wall

But now I'm off topic
Let's get back on course
Do not be so myopic
Though this rhyme here is coarse

The love of these two
Shines bright like the sun
A cliche, it is true
But they are number one

To invent my own phrase
Which describes their great love
I'll need Bush, Willie Mays
A gorilla, and a dove

No, wait, that won't work
Better try, keep it simple
How 'bout this guy Dirk
Who has a big ugly pimple

No, Dirk cannot write
And he's no Cupid symbol
So I guess I'll be trite
And forget 'bout the pimple

Stephen and Mia
Are like two doves
When they shop at Ikea
They buy clothing, and gloves

Now that one just stunk
"Love" would be the BETS RHYM3
But I'm sick of cliches
And I'm running out of time

You see, I have things
That I must do today
But a poem that sings
Had to be on its way

I almost chose not
To write out this verse
I saw an entry that was hot
And I feared for the worst

Gahalia wrote
A story that rules
And I fear that the vote
Will give HER Basra's Jewels

So now I am thinking
My best chances lie
In showering (not stinking)
And catching her eye

But I still had to give
This contest a shot
If I wanted to live
This po'm had to be wrought

That isn't to say
That I would have been killed
But without this po'm, hey
My life would be unfulfilled

So enough of distractions
Of marriage and such
It's time to take actions
And write some more mush

Mia and Stephen
I am honored to be
Titled, and even
Ess Dee oh Emm See

I hope that this po'm
Shows your glory to all
And may all those who foam
At your love quickly fall

Well, I'm getting tired
Ideas, running short
So if this gets me fired
Well, I'll write a report

That last stanza made
Little sense, I know
So I'll go to the Glade
And make angels of snow

Is it winter in there?
Perhaps I shall never see
Because I can't stop this bear
Of bad po-e-try.

May be if I'm lucky
My computer will crash
That would just be all ducky
But then it I would smash

Before I go rambling
About Win ninety-five
I should turn my ambling
To that love, so alive

Before I go write
Six more pages of crap
I will write some more trite
Stuff and call it a wrap

Stephen and Mia
At the depth of the sea
Is a place we can't see-a
Whoops, that should be "see"

In this deep place
Darkness prevails
It is cold, the embrace
Of the sea holds no tales

No human eye has seen
What lies down that deep
No device has yet been
To that place--but I sleep

And I dream as I sleep
That one day we will go
To that place in the deep
And our findings will show

That finally we
Have found something perfected
Deep under the sea
A beauty neglected

And on that great day
We will finally see a
Picture of the way
That Stephen loves Mia

I would end it there
On that beautiful verse
But just to be fair
I will show the reverse

There are distant stars
That we can not explore
They are much too far
And we're hindered by Gore

But someday we will
Make the journey, you see
And one planet will fill
The requirements we need

On that far world
Will be air we can breathe
An axis that twirled
We will call this place Lethe

The mountains out there
Will be wondrous and tall
But the sight the most fair
Is the view from them all

Stading on the top
Of the tallest one, even
We will see the full beauty
Of how Mia loves Stephen

Don Monkey

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