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Re: US foreign policies
Posted By: julian, on host
Date: Sunday, September 23, 2001, at 23:34:01
In Reply To: Re: US foreign policies posted by gabby on Thursday, September 20, 2001, at 15:01:34:

> > ...there have been accusations that the US is to blame for the WTC attacks because of its past "foreign policies". But the policies in question are rarely mentioned.
> The site linked to below has a lot of public information about U.S. policies abroad. If you scroll down, near the bottom of that page is a link to Near Eastern Affairs, and from there you can go view information for each individual country, or wherever.
> The U.S., in its desire to do good, has stepped in for all sorts of conflicts in every nation. Often we've helped, sometimes we've messed up. We've messed up particularly badly in the Middle Eastern countries. Many people in that area strongly want us to get out of their business, and view our continued presence as hubris. We stay because we'd rather be thought arrogant than see the whole place go up in flames should the fanatics get their way. Since we are stopping these foreign extremists' attacks, we are the ones, in their eyes, who are evil. Thus, our policies often put Americans at much higher risk than if we just sat on our thumbs and let these few terrorist groups viciously murder weaker people. It may be stupid on our part, but at least it's kind-hearted and stupid.
> But any person who interprets that as putting the blame on us is an idiot. Crime is always the criminal's fault, large or small, with or without a "cause."

Bingo! Especially the last part. Whatever the mistakes made by US (and others, for that matter) foreign policy in the past, nothing can excuse the attack on WTC. Just as nothing can excuse the deaths of innocent (in this particular respect) Afghans which are bound to follow bombing raids just to 'get' one particular person.

I'm relieved to hear that Colin Powell said that the US is going to present concrete evidence that Osama bin Laden is responsible.