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Re: Language updates
Posted By: Silverblue Vixen, on host
Date: Sunday, September 23, 2001, at 22:55:14
In Reply To: Re: Language updates posted by Nyperold on Sunday, September 23, 2001, at 18:25:14:

> > True enough. So, let's get rid of our Dial-Up Connections and get touchtone connections instead. Unless we're still designating the number using dials. Right?

Hmm... doing that thoroughly would be kinda radical. We have to stop saying "turn off the light" and start saying "switch off the light" (unless you still use those light intensity knobs, which, yes I concede, still exist but not as often as people say "turn" instead of "switch"). That's just one example... but the rest of it, like the soapbox one, could probably be put under the language of "slang".

Australasians use a LOT of slang. I (a rather well-spoken one who talks to Americans on the phone so often she's picked up their accent) don't know all of the slang I probably should've learned in school (when I was a seriously disturbed child with behavioural problems and a severe lack of social skills - that's fixed now, thanks for caring ^_^) but even general slang requires some knowledge of obscure references, such as soapboxes, or wineboxes (whatever that really pertains to...).

> I re-read this and realized the tone might easily be misread as "sarcastic". That is not the case. I'd really like to see some more new phrases that are more evocative to those who haven't seen things like soapboxes.

For some reason I read "soapboxes" as "saxophones", lol...

Must go for tea (erm... dinner)!

(aka Bracket Queen?)

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