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Re: My pathetic rant
Posted By: koalamom, on host
Date: Sunday, September 23, 2001, at 22:49:38
In Reply To: My pathetic rant posted by Silvercup on Sunday, September 23, 2001, at 21:25:55:

> I am seriously afraid of life. I'm only 21, but I fear spending the rest of my life alone. I always believed I would find that "special guy" during my time in college. With only one year left to go, I have a feeling I will not be finding him any time soon. Being alone is something I really do not like, so I am glad I have a roommate. My ex-boyfriend (not the last one, but the one before him) has also been a big help in making me not feel lonely, but I know we won't get married or be anything more than friends. I am determined to raise my children Jewish, which greatly reduces the amount of dateable guys, especially in the small town where I attend school.
> I have heard enough of the "you'll find someone evenutally" and the "there's a guy out there waiting for you" from people, but why is it so hard to believe? I've been hurt by friends and boyfriends so much in the past, that I think I'm starting to lose my faith in God. If I'm a good person, why do I seem to get trashed on repeatedly? It's just not fair... Please, don't respond with pity for me.
> Sil"sigh"vercup

No pity, just throwing out a few questions to think about:

Ever notice how God doesn't arrange life to go the way we planned it?

Why is God's way different from ours?

Is your faith in God dependent on whether things go your way or not? Why?

How does being hurt/suffering refine us into better people?

Why will dating for "fear of being alone" probably increase your chances of being disappointed again?

Who said you had to stay in the same small town anyway?

koala"only one is rhetoric"mom