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Re: how to get rid of spiders without even going near one
Posted By: Brunnen-G, on host
Date: Sunday, September 23, 2001, at 19:58:39
In Reply To: Re: BUGZ!! posted by ahmoacah on Friday, September 21, 2001, at 21:28:39:

> > Beside, think about it. How many spiders do you see in your house every year?
> Well, I think I'm averaging 5 a week, maybe more. My house is spider heaven, apparently. Lest you think I'm the lazybum here, it was this way when I bought the house. Myself, I hope someday to make a dent in the population.

Buy or borrow a chihuahua. I didn't realise this until some friends who own one discovered it, but chihuahuas were originally bred to be spider hounds. (They have some pretty scary spiders in Mexico, I suppose.)

This particular chihuahua, while usually being a typical bug-eyed rat-faced bundle of nervous twitches pretending to be a lapdog, turned into the ROTTWEILER FROM HELL every single time she saw a spider of any kind. There wasn't a spider left anywhere in the house the entire time they had this dog. They thought it was just her personal quirk, until the vet told them no, that's what chihuahuas DO.

Brunnen-"although you'd think they'd have bred them to have three-metre-long legs, to reach the corners of the ceiling"G