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a solution at last
Posted By: Howard, on host
Date: Sunday, September 23, 2001, at 16:43:48

I think I have found the solution to several of our problems. We all feel a little down, and the economy is down, so we need something to pick everybody up. I heard that a a 767 flew all the way across the country with 14 people on board. I also heard today that Disney World and Disneyland are open but nearly empty. And in Hawaii, the hotels and beaches are like a ghost town. Las Vegas is suffering, too. Well, I can do my part. After the fall scooter meet this coming weekend, I am going start pushing for a trip to Hawaii. We can fill a couple of seats on an airplane. We can boost the economy of Hawaii and even the national economy. Maybe we can stop at Disneyland on the way home. As you may have guessed, it will help with my own depressed condition, but I'm really just doing this as a patriotic duty. I was inspired to do this patriotic thing when I saw all those other patriots, 140,000 of them, jamming the stands at Dover Downs to watch Dale Earnhardt, Jr. win today's race. Did those people shy away from big crowds? Did they try to save money by staying home? Did they leave without those overpriced racetrack souvineers? Noooooo. They want to see America back to normal. So despite my fear of high places, crowds, and poverty, I'm going to do my duty. Get off that couch and join in.
How"Is a soap box a high place?"ard

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