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sneak attack
Posted By: Howard, on host
Date: Friday, September 21, 2001, at 14:13:15

I don't know how last week's sneak attack is any different from the 1941 bombing of Pearl Harbor, but I hope it won't develop into a global war where all of our best young men are sent off to get killed. Back then, we held off long enough to regroup and prepare. Then we hit them with everything we had, and it worked out well for us. Except for the bodies. I wonder if this great country might be even greater if all the cream of the crop had lived to raise the next generation. But lots of them didn't make it. Any farmer can tell you that if you have a herd of cattle and you keep selling off the best and keeping what's left, you will wind up with an inferior herd. Wars don't do anything good for the gene pool.
On the other hand, we can't just let those vermin keep doing that stuff.

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