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Re: Prayer Request
Posted By: Don the Monkeyman, on host
Date: Friday, September 21, 2001, at 09:21:41
In Reply To: Prayer Request posted by Don the Monkeyman on Wednesday, September 19, 2001, at 21:46:16:

> Thanks,
> Don

I went and saw Shayne last night, and he is doing fine. We almost didn't get to see him, because it was supposed to be family only, but he and his mother both approved the group of us, although we were still only allowed to go in two at a time. (Even his mother was limited by this rule). While I was in talking to him, a nurse came in and chastised him for laughing too much, as it would put strain on the point where they had inserted the tube in his leg. This was problematic, because if there is one thing that my group of friends do well, it is make each other laugh.

On the medical side of things, it turned out that Shanye had been much worse off than they had expected--he had had a 99% blockage in one of the arteries. The angioplasty process, for those who don't know, is where they insert a deflated balloon object into the artery and then inflate it, widening the artery. It doesn't actually clear the blockage--I don't know if it is possible to accomplish this--it simply widens the artery to the point where the blockage is only, say, 50%, but the artery is twice its original size, so regular blood flow can go through.

Shayne was to spend last night in the hospital, but was to be sent home today. While we were there, he was almost completely immobilized--he wasn't allowed to lift his head or move his right leg, and although he could move his left leg and left arm, blankets and blood pressure collars made it difficult to do so. All things considered, though, he was in good spirits.

Please keep him in your prayers as he recovers over the next week or two, and I will post again if anything significant changes.